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Bargain Hunting - Save Money On Your Purchases By Taking Advantage Of The Rebates Offered
Bargain Hunting - bargain hunting articles
Bargain Hunting - bargain hunting articles

Save Money On Your Purchases By Taking Advantage Of The Rebates Offered

Save Money on your Purchases by Taking Advantage of the Rebates Offered

Many manufacturers offer mail in rebates to encourage consumers to buy their product. The way these rebates work is that you have to pay the full price for the trouble when you get it. Then you fill out the rebate information and mail it in along with a copy of your receipt. They will then send you a check.

However, you will be amazed at how many people fail to get around to sending in the information for their rebate. Most offers have a set time frame so it is a good idea to get the information in the mail as quickly as possible. They either donít want to mess around with the process or the simply forget with ergo many other things taking place in their life.

Through it can take weeks to get your rebate in the mail, it is a good idea to keep a file of the rebates you retain mailed in. Always make a copy of the rebate information and the receipt before you mail it in. This way you keep proof of your purchase and a phone number to contact them if you donít receive the rebate in a timely manner.

The amount of any given rebate will vary but when you consider that the average on is $25, that is a great deal of money that consumers arenít taking advantage of. It is a good idea to always use them to your advantage. Otherwise you are smartly throwing your money away.

Each rebate process may be slightly different so put together sure you take the time to read all the information that comes with it. You donít want the frustration of waiting for 60 days to get the rebate unique to get a letter instead that says you arenít eligible because you failed to provide some piece of information or your form wasnít completely filled out.

It is also a good idea to take action when a rebate you send it is not honored. This doesnít happen very often but it is very important that you follow up. If you only purchased the item at the price offered because of the repayment than it is regular more important that you get it.

Getting your rebate should never exceed 60 days. If you donít have it by then contact the company. Make sure you document entire the information about when you called and who you spoke to. It is good to have a log of this information so that if you want to stay getting the rebate by other means you can back up your information.

There are a couple good websites you can use to track your rebate including www. MyRebates. com, www. WheresMyRebate. com, and www. Rebatestatus. com. If you donít find your rebate and the manufacturer isnít working with you for file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.

The majority of companyís who offer rebates do honor them though so this really should never be an ongoing issue for you. There are plenty of businesses that do look forward to the unclaimed rebates though because at least 40 % of them never get filed by the consumer.

As a direction of thumb though, I wouldnít recommend basing your purchase on a rebate. If you donít end up with the funds then the product assessment you more than you were willing to pay for it. While you wait for the rebate process to be completed you will have the loss of that additional money that could be allocated for something else.

You should also be prepared for rebates to ask for your personal information including your name, address, phone number, and e - mail directions. This could result in you getting coupons and promotions that will save you more money in the subsequent. However, they can result in you getting bombarded by offers by the manufacturer that you arenít occupied in.


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